Available For Adoption!

Fiona! 9 yrs. old

 Shih-Tzu mix- Fiona had one owner her whole life and when she passed away, Fiona was lost.  She had not been groomed in a really long time and her hair was soaked with urine and matts. She didn't want to be touched at all. Then we saw the bloody urine and knew Fiona had a bigger problem then just needing a groom! It turns out she had a bunch of bladder stones! Once sedated for the surgery,  they were able to shave her matted hair and remove the stones. Once she recovered from her surgery and realized she was no longer in pain, well she became a new dog! She has lots of energy for a senior girl, loves car rides and wants to be your constant companion! She loves to be petted, belly rubs and laying next to you on the couch!  She is shy at first and needs some time to trust but once she does, she will not leave your side! Adult only home please. 

Kelso! 9 mos. Old

Coonhound mix- Kelso is a big sweet goofball! He is very calm, loving and sweet. He would do best with a female  doggie sister but does get along with submissive males! He loves his crate and has no crate issues! He can be toy and food guarded with other dogs, Easily fixed with toys, treats and feeding in crate! No cats & No chickens! If you're interested in meeting Kelso, please call or text 804-551-2908 He is such a laid back sweet boy!!

Astro! 1.5 years old

Beagle mix - Astro is a silly, goofy, sweetheart of a boy! He is good with other dogs and we are working on crate training! He is very loving and loves attention! He's hard not to fall in love with!

Yukon! 2-3 yrs old

Hound mix-  Yukon is very sweet and wants to please!   He is however a big puppy and needs to understand he is not a lap dog!   He is well behaved inside the home but can try to lead the pack.  He needs a strong,  confident owner who can teach him his place within the pack!  He is food motivated and looks to his person for direction and approval. He knows his basic commands as well.  He would make an awesome companion for the right person!   Adult only household, no children please. He would also be great with a doggie playmate to help with all that energy he has! !  A meet and greet with your existing dog is essential!  Schedule your appointment to meet Yukon!!

Billie Jo! 2 yrs. old

Hound mix- Billie Jo is just the cutest, happiest girl you will ever meet! She is very shy and nervous around people  but wants very badly to trust! She wants to be petted and curls her body around almost in a circle trying to get those pets!  She loves other dogs and would do best with a doggie companion.  She is crate trained and getting used to being in a house! She likes it! She loves her treats too!

Summer! 4.5 mos. old


Jack Russell/Plot Hound mix- Summer is a typical JR mix with lots of energy! She is also sweet and loves attention!  She needs to learn her manners as with all puppies, and will need an active family! Another high energy doggie playmate would be the best situation for her! Summer is a cutie!!

Link!! 4.5 mos. old

Jack Russell/Plot Hound Mix- Link is a beautiful red color and is quite handsome! He is high energy as the Jack Russell side is quite obvious. He needs to learn his manners as with all puppies but He is very sweet and loves attention! He's just waiting for his family!

Bobbie Jo! 1.5 years old

Beagle mix- Bobbie Jo is just a little thing at 26 lbs! She is very shy of people as we don't believe she had much socialization with humans. But she loves other dogs and is learning to trust people very quickly! She is sweet and kind and loves to be petted!  She is crate trained and very much loves being an indoor dog! She needs her family! No young children please. A rural setting would probably be best for her. Schedule your appiontment to meet Bobbie Jo!

Piper! 1 yr. old


Cattle Dog mix- Piper and her 3 puppies were pulled from a high kill shelter in North Carolina. Her puppies have all gone home and now she is ready for her own family! At 36 lbs.  She is high energy, loves other dogs, crate trained, and very attentive to her person! She is very smart and food motivated! She is very shy at first but warms up quickly. She is a cattle dog so she needs lots of exercise! She would be an awesome running or hiking partner! Please call or text to meet Piper! 804-551-2908