Available For Adoption!

Bandit! 1 year old

Min-Pin mix - Bandit  is a cute little lap dog who just wants to please!  He is barely 20 lbs. and  is a total love bug!  He is very affectionate but also full of energy!  No chickens on the property for this little bandit!  He just wants his family. . He will be ready to go home on 10/ 12/ 17. 

Bing! 5-6 yrs. old

Lab mix-   Bing is an absolute doll! She loves everyone and just wants her family to love!  She is crate trained and walks well on leash.  She does well with other dogs with proper introduction  and could care less about cats! She likes kids but is a bit shy so probably not kids under 9.  She would make the perfect couch potato buddy!  Call us to meet this sweet girl! 

Tiny Tim! 3 yrs old

Basenji, Beagle mix. - Timmy only had contact with 1 person his whole life and that was just to feed & water around 30 dogs... he is very shy of strangers, especially men. He is starting to come out of his crate more often and even asks to come out when people are here visiting!!!  He loves to be petted and loves to steal toys and bring them to his crate! He is sweet and quiet and you can see that he so wants to be apart of the family. He will need a very patient adult only household to allow him to come out on his own and not push him. A fenced yard is a must too as he is house broken but not used to a leash quite yet.  He loves other female doggie friends too. You can also choose to foster Timmy to see if it might work out. He really is so sweet! I believe with patients and love Timmy will turn into the most grateful  friend &  lifelong companion! 

Lucky! 6 yrs. Old


Lab mix. -  Lucky  is pretty much perfect but will need to be the only pet in the home. You see Lucky doesn't like to share his  humans! He knows many commands, does not need to be crated, house broken, calm and a true snuggle bug! He loves to lay with you and just hang with you. He loves other dogs in social settings. He just doesn't want you bringing them home!! He does need an experienced owner as he looks to them for guidance.  He has awesome manners, gives great kisses and will snuggle with you for as long as you want to! He enjoys being active but loves just hanging out too! Like I said, pretty much perfect!

Momma Roxy! 6-7 yrs. Old

American Bulldog mix. -  Momma  Roxy is an absolute doll!  She loves everyone she meets! Absolutely LOVES kids!!  She does fine with other dogs her size or smaller so a meet and greet with your existing dog is essential! . She is an older girl with a left front leg deformity which makes her limp, and all her legs are bowed badly so she most likely will  experience arthritis as she ages and may even be feeling that now.  But she just wants to curl up on a warm, soft bed and hang with you! 

Hazel! 3 yrs. Old

Ridgeback mix.-  Hazel  is a stray from the Amelia County Animal Shelter. She is as sweet as they  come and wants to be your constant companion!   She has completed heartworm treatment and is happy and healthy!  She would do best as the only pet in the home. You cannot meet this girl and not fall instantly in love!

Sunshine! 2 yrs. old


Lab / retriever  mix. - This girl was  an awesome mom to her 6 puppies!  She is sweet and gentle and can be a little shy.  She is wiggly and happy all the time! !  She walks great on leash and loves attention! You have to meet this sweet girl!    Sunshine has been through heartworm treatment and is recovering nicely! She would definitely benefit from a doggie brother or sister as she is most comfortable with another dog.  No young children as she is shy and timid. Their loud noises scare her. 

Mr. Jenkins! 5 yrs. old

Update: Mr. Jenkins is available for adoption!!! He is just the sweetest thing! 

Mr. Jenkins has been a stray for at least 2 years that we are aware of.... he is very shy  but is adjusting to life in a home very quickly!  He has old injuries from his time as a stray, most likely hit by a car.  The injuries were quite severe so amputation  of his right rear leg was our only option.  Surgery was on 9/13/17.    Watch for updates!

Smooches! 10-11 mos. old


Border Collie, Spaniel mix -  This sweeeeet  girl is full of kisses,  hence the name!  Her whole butt wiggles when she wags her tail!  She  is doing great inside the home with crate training,  house breaking,  and leash walking!  She  just needs her own family now!  You will fall in love with this girl! 

Grace! 14 wks. old


Lab mix- Grace was one of the cardboard box puppies, the Seinfeld pups.  She has healed from a broken pelvis  that we believe she sustained when the box was  dumped from the car. But now Grace will be getting a surgical consult for a  FHO surgery on her back left leg. This poor girl can't catch a break!  She is very sweet and wants to make up for lost time!  Call us to meet this sweet little girl!

Rex! 1 yr. Old

Shepherd / Beagle mix  - Rex is very shy and scared of  being scolded.  It's so sad that this sweet dog wants to please so bad and is constantly afraid he's doing something wrong. ...He is gaining more confidence and becoming a happy boy that he deserves to be!!  He gives the best kisses and is doing great leash walking! He is crate trained and seems to be house broken! He needs a gentle person to show him there are good, loving humans out there!! He is so sweet!