Available For Adoption!

Chrissy! 8 mos. old

Beagle mix - Chrissy was part of the 3's Company gang! She did nothing wrong! She just has alot of puppy energy and needs another doggie playmate to help tire her out! She is very sweet and loving towards people and loves other dogs! She is also fine with cats! She would be great with an active family and a doggie brother or sister!

Chandler! 7 mos. Old

Shepherd mix - Chandler was part of the Friends gang! He did nothing wrong! He is sweet and very smart! He is crate trained and loves people and other dogs! He was great around kids too! He is a large puppy and needs a family willing to teach him new things! He knows his sit command and stay...sort of! Lol! He also gives the best kisses!!

Tiny Tim! 3 yrs old

Basenji, Beagle mix. - Timmy only had contact with 1 person his whole life and that was just to feed & water around 30 dogs... he is very shy of strangers, especially men. He is starting to come out of his crate more often and even asks to come out when people are here visiting!!!  He loves to be petted and loves to steal toys and bring them to his crate! He is sweet and quiet and you can see that he so wants to be apart of the family. He will need a very patient adult only household to allow him to come out on his own and not push him. A fenced yard is a must too as he is house broken but not used to a leash quite yet.  He loves other female doggie friends too. You can also choose to foster Timmy to see if it might work out. He really is so sweet! I believe with patients and love Timmy will turn into the most grateful  friend &  lifelong companion! 

Ladybug! 3 yrs. Old

Coonhound mix - Lady was left when her owners moved... she was never an inside dog or socialized well. A kind neighbor took her in and realized shortly after that she was pregnant. She nursed her through her pregnancy and puppies. She was able to find good homes for the puppies, but now it's Ladybugs turn! She is spayed, utd with shots and heartworm negative! But she is terrified of the leash and extremely shy around new people.  She will need a quiet adult home with a fenced yard. She is very sweet and wants very much to trust! With time, kindness and patience,  I believe she will become an awesome companion! And she loves being inside!!

Yukon! 2-3 yrs old

Hound mix-  Yukon is very sweet and wants to please!   He is however a big puppy and needs to understand he is not a lap dog!   He is well behaved inside the home but can try to lead the pack.  He needs a strong,  confident owner who can teach him his place within the pack!  He is food motivated and looks to his person for direction and approval. He knows his basic commands as well.  He would make an awesome companion for the right person!   Adult only household, no children please. He would also be great with a doggie playmate to help with all that energy he has! !  A meet and greet with your existing dog is essential!  Schedule your appointment to meet Yukon!!

Lucilu! 5 yrs. Old

Pointer mix - Lucilu is absolutely beautiful! She was extremely thin and terrified when she showed up at a friend's house on Thanksgiving day.  She was put on stray hold but no one claimed her...She is shy but coming out of her shell. She is gaining weight and getting healthy! She will need a patient and kind owner to show her the good in people.  I have no doubt she will be a loving grateful companion to whoever adopts her! Call or text for more info on this gorgeous girl!

Mr. Jenkins! 5 yrs. old

Update: Mr. Jenkins is available for adoption!!! He is just the sweetest thing! 

Mr. Jenkins has been a stray for at least 2 years that we are aware of.... he is very shy  but is adjusting to life in a home very quickly!  He has old injuries from his time as a stray, most likely hit by a car.  The injuries were quite severe so amputation  of his right rear leg was our only option.  Surgery was on 9/13/17.   He loves to be petted and likes the company of female doggie friends but would also do great as the only pet! He is just a little thing at 18 lbs! He is sweet and kind and so deserving of a loving home! He's been through alot!